Your situation is unique. The coach you need when you start your career is different to the one you need when you're locked in a leadership battle, going through a divorce or restructuring your best friend's department (for example!). Your coach needs to work for who you are and where you are in your career. 

Let's talk about how coaching with me can make you happier, more effective and get you into peak performance zone at work. 
Cindy Tonkin
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Coaching Focus Session 

Talk with me for ten minutes to:
- articulate the key issues you're working on 
- get clear on what is missing, broken or just not working 
- quantify the problems: how much is it costing you (time, effort, peace of mind) to not solve this issue yet?
- discover what your next steps are

If I can help you, I'll let you know.
If something else would be better, I'll let you know that too.

These sessions are complimentary and last just ten minutes (hence the name "focus").
We can talk by phone or on skype, whatever works.

Book a time that suits you